Finally putting the weary minds of many Nexus 4 owners at ease, we’re now hearing reports that the black bumper for the latest Nexus phone is on its way to some lucky UK customers.

Those who managed to snag the Nexus 4 bumper from Google Play Store in the UK have reportedly received shipping confirmation from Google. Interestingly, some folks who ordered during the second wave of availability have gotten their confirmation ahead of those who ordered at launch day. We’ll put it down to yet another one of Google’s snafu.

The bumper case shortage has given way to the jacking up of its price tag on eBay. In the UK, the price has ballooned up to £40 – £60, quite a markup from its original £15.99 pricing.

Now, let’s hear it from our readers. Did you order a bumper case alongside the Nexus 4? Was it because you’re worried about the back glass? Have you heard anything back from Google regarding the shipment?

Bams Sadewo
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