google news tablet update

Yesterday Google announced that they are rolling out a tablet specific update for Google News on both iOS and Android devices. Google also managed to slip a cheeky boast into the news release — they are now directing over six billion visits to news sites each month, which is a pretty staggering statistic.

As for the update, the main features added are brand new gestures, which are designed to make browsing though the news more akin to flipping through your favorite magazine or newspaper. For example you can now swipe horizontally between different news sections, so moving from the financial to entertainment sections should be more intuitive. They’ve also incorporated a tap to “explore in depth” function which will display multiple articles and other related information to a particular story.

In addition to new gestures there are also some subtle changes to the layout, adding a small amount of additional space between each article. This should go some way to help remove those occasional annoying touch screen miss-clicks, as well as helping reader’s spot interesting stories.

Although the update only mentioned the Nexus 7, Nexus 10, and iPad there’s no reason to believe other tablets won’t also be able to access the new features, so head over to Google News if you want to check them out. At the moment the update is only live in the US and will be rolling out over the next few days.

Robert Triggs

Lead Technical Writer covering SoCs, displays, cameras, and everything in between. In his spare moments you’ll find him building audio gadgets.