Now, you can have easy access to Google News’ Regional editions! Google News Regional is now available on the Android Market but the app is limited to some extent since you will still be using the browser to see the news, but it can find out your location automatically and will allow you to jump among categories without having much difficulty. You can also opt to manually change the location if you would like to know what is happening in other regions.


Also, it’s important to know that this isn’t an official app from Google but rather from a third party developer. According to the existing language setting of the phone and the coarse GPS position of the user, the application attempts to look for the best regional edition for the user. For example your phone’s language setting is English and you are in the US, then the app would route you to the US region.

Like any other apps, this app also has its downsides. You just can’t refresh from the menu and it can potentially be a hassle since it also does not automatically refresh on its own. Plus, there are distracting ads that you can see at the bottom of the page. One commenter even asked to the developers to remove the “Zombie” ad. Therefore, it looks that some of these ads that appear on the app are questionable. This application is free and you might just like it. But to tell you frankly, it would be better if you can just open Google News in your browser. That would make it even easier since you are just one click away to open Google News.

Try asking yourself, does this really make sense? Anyway, if you want this app, click this.

Source: AndroidCommunity

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