Google Music

With the size of the average music library growing and many flagship phones now coming with limited storage sizes (both the Nexus 4 and the Droid DNA come with maximum 16GB storage options) there is a good chance that many of you are loyal users of Google Music.

A few days ago, Google started rolling out a feature called Scan and Match for the service. Google Music will scan your library and, instead of uploading the actual songs, it will simply make the songs instantly available in the cloud. While it won’t make much of a difference if you are adding a songs or two to your library, initial library upload times and album upload times should improve significantly.

While scan and match is quite a useful feature, Google is not making explicit songs available from the cloud. If you have explicit versions of songs in your library, only the clean versions will be available for playback. One workaround would be to click “Fix incorrect match”, which should prompt Music to upload your raw profanity-laden tracks.

Also, even if songs in your library are VBR, they will be played back from the cloud at at constant 320kbps. Naturally, these limitations are annoying a lot of users, especially music hoarders who are particular about the music they listen to and collect.

As of now there has been no statement from Google, but many (including myself) are hoping that this gets resolved soon.

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