Google is turning up the volume for independent musicians with its newly launched music gateway.. Google Music, the latest addition to the ever growing line of services from Google, is set to make history once again by introducing its own music hub, with a pricing scheme that specifically targets independent musicians and their music.

For a low price of US$25, independent artists can create their own personal accounts, start sharing their own music, set their own prices and enjoy a 70-30 revenue share allocated by Google. For every dollar an artist makes selling his or her song, Google lets the artist keep 70 cents of the earnings.

Artists also will have full control over their music, can price songs as high or low as they want, can personalize their own albums, and have the freedom to change information whenever they want. As an added bonus, Google doesn’t even require additional fees for new albums or tracks being uploaded.

Uploading music and sharing it over the Internet couldn’t be so much easier with Google Music, as compared to Apple’s iTunes that requires you to have at least 20 albums in your personal music collection and undergo a rigorous application process just to get you started.

With Google’s new music portal, musicians are exposed to the millions of users worldwide. And with Google Music being tightly integrated with Android, the opportunities for musicians are nearly endless.

Have you tried Google Music today?  And do you plan to create your own indie music store?