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Google Music update brings better offline listening using the recent played lists and gapless playback

Google Music has had its ups and downs, but users who do use it seem to generally like it. That is, except the inability to have a decent offline listening selection. Google Music seems to want to change that, as they recently released an update that gives improved offline listening.
November 13, 2012
Google Music
When Google Music was first released, a lot of people had high hopes for it. Being able to upload your entire music collection and listen to it anywhere is definitely a feature you can’t usually get with a storage device. Popularity for the service has been improving. Now, Google Play developers believe that they can make their offline listening a little bit better.

Currently, there is a very efficient way of getting music onto your device from your Google Music account. You open the app, hit the menu button, and select to choose on device music. From there you can pick songs by artist or individual songs. It’s very handy to keep a small cache of your favorite tunes always available for offline consumption. The only downside is if your music collection is huge. Then it could take some time to weed out your favorites.

Google Music is changing this by allowing users to create Instant Mixes by automatically selecting music from their Recent tab. This can be useful in a number of niche scenarios. Like if you just listened to an album you’d like to pull off your Google Music and keep on your phone to show to your friends. That’s just a single example out of many other uses.

Did Google Music add anything else to the update?

There were some other things included in the update. There is now gapless playback support. According to The Next Web, that part of the update is only applicable for devices running Jelly Bean 4.1 or higher.

When combined with all the other features of Google Music, it shows Google Music is doing its best to improve. There are various sharing options, offline options, and they still let you add up to 20,000 of your own songs. After their rough start, there are many who’d like to see Google Music become a force in the music business. Is anyone excited about using the new offline features? Is anyone on Jelly Bean or higher experienced the gapless playback yet? Let us know what’s up.