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The Nexus program seems a success (save for the availability problems that have marred the launch of the Nexus 4), but Google isn’t content with providing just half of the Android experience. While the operating system on the Nexus devices is pure Android just as Google wanted it, the hardware part is pretty much controlled by whatever manufacturer Google decides to partner with.

If only Google had a subsidiary that manufactures phones… Well, our dreams will come true, if a report from WSJ is to be trusted. The newspaper claims that Motorola is working at producing a pure Google phone, one that is known internally as “Phone X”.

The Phone X will be an entirely new product, that will complement Motorola’s current lineup of devices rather than replace it. Moreover, once the Phone X is released, WSJ says that Google plans to release a “Tablet X”.

The report says that the person in charge with the Phone X project is Lior Ron, who previously managed Google’s successful (and very important) Maps service.

Motorola is apparently laser focused on providing a high-quality camera and great photo software. On the hardware side, the possibilities are quite exciting – according to the WSJ report, innovations like bendable displays and ceramic materials are on the table, although it’s not specified if Google/Moto has finished the design of the device.

It’s worth noting that the Google-Motorola acquisition was completed seven months ago, and that the typical phone takes about 18 months to develop. Whatever Google is planning for the Phone X, it’s likely still in an early stage.

One last tidbit – the Phone X will apparently integrate technology from Viewdle, an image and gesture recognition company that Motorola bought in October.

Bogdan Petrovan
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