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Google Mobile Search has just made accessing information faster with two new interesting features, as announced on the Google Search Blog.

The first feature makes finding a certain page within results from a website faster, by adding a list of additional quick links below the results. Rotten Tomatoes is given as an example – when searching for the site, the main results, corresponding to the important sections on the site, have arrows next to them, that let you quickly access a certain section of the site.

That makes it much easier to find something worth seeing without having to browse through the site too much. Google promises that these expandable links will be available for “many sites”.

rotten tomatoes new

The second features is “Quick View”, which currently only works with Wikipedia and directly offers bits of information, without the need to access the site itself. It’s similar to what Google has for the desktop image search and the example here is a search for “poker hands”, as you can see in the image below. Clicking Quick View will show you the most important hands without having to visit Wikipedia. This feature is also promised to come to more sites.


google mobile search

Google invites developers to sign up for updates on the Quick View trial (and maybe become part of it), in the same post. Mobile search is a field where Google has lost a bit of ground lately, so adding new features might be a very good idea.

Do you find the new features useful?

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