Google Mobile

It seems that Google has decided to change up the look of their homepage for mobile devices. The new design introduces a side bar that is now hidden on the left side. This replaces the older top bar design that has a few of Google’s services listed in the “more” section.

This isn’t exactly a revolutionary update, but it is more attractive and seems easier to use than the previous layout. The new bar doesn’t seem add any new web apps and Google services to mobile users, it is instead about improving the navigation experience. Less options on the top bar also makes the mobile site look much cleaner and helps enhance Google’s minimalistic approach to its homepage.

The new bar is not limited to just Android, and should work fine with all smartphones and tablets, even iOS devices. That being said, it doesn’t seem to be available everywhere at the moment. I planned on taking a look and getting a few screenshots but found it has yet to reach my part of the midwestern United States. I tested out the homepage with several different devices, and had no luck. If, and when, the new look will reach you remains a mystery. There doesn’t seem to be any official confirmation from Google about the change of design yet, or where it is being rolled out to.

Head over to Google’s home page on your favorite Android device. Any changes, or do you still have the older (and more boring) version instead?