Do you like to inventory with alacrity? Have you ever wanted to categorize not only your every belonging, but compose a history and wish list of your property, too? Well, Google apparently thinks so, because the company is internally testing a new component of Google+ called Google Mine, a service which allows users of the venerable social network share what they own with friends and the public.

Specifically, the new Google Mine service integrates with Google+ to enable the posting of items, the rating and reviewing of items, the uploading of item pictures and videos, and the sharing of the items to Google+ Streams. Users can also request items from other people, indicate the status of a particular object (i.e. “lent,” “given away,” “got it back,” “lost it,” “had it in the past”), and view 3D models of items.

Here’s a full list of features:

  • Catalog your belongings, track what you have
  • Review your belongings for your friends to see
  • Control who sees what, track conversations
  • Send requests to borrow or try out friends’ stuff
  • Share stuff you wish for, get recommendations
  • Share stuff you are giving away, find takers
  • Follow, browse, search stuff that friends share
  • Search for stuff people have shared on Mine.
  • See instant matches for your stuff, and the people in your circles.
  • Use What’s Hot to follow what others are sharing.
  • Organize and share your stuff as lists.

Google Mine, with its item-centered note taking and social sharing functionality, sort of sounds like a cross between Evernote and Craigslist. For Google users, it’ll certainly make borrowing and proffering items easier, and perhaps even selling and bartering if Google Shopping is integrated at some point.

Right now, Google Mine is available as a web and Android app to Google employees. Hopefully, we’ll hear more about the new service soon.