Yesterday we reported on Microsoft hitting a new low by attempting to directly profit from its Scroogled campaign via Anti-Google merchandise such as hoodies, t-shirts and coffee mugs.

At the time, we heard several comments via our website and G+ page wondering how Google might respond. As it turns out, Google did have a little something to say about Microsoft’s new Scroogled clothing line — and the response is nothing short of brilliant.

Microsoft’s latest venture comes as no surprise; competition in the wearables space is really heating up.

Zing! Now that’s the way for a company to respond to this kind of activity.

Google could have thrown out its own smear campaign pointing out Microsoft’s alleged NSA connections and other ways Microsoft potentially steals data. They could have talked about how Windows 8 still continues to struggle, or how Windows Phone 8 has still yet to catch on in any major way. Instead, they responded with a bit of wit and humor, while teasing about how their own innovations are years ahead of anything on offer at Microsoft.

Sure, Google is being a bit snarky here, but it’s certainly a lot more tasteful then the kind of responses we generally see out of Redmond. Now it’s back to you Microsoft. Have anything new to say in retaliation? Not yet? Then maybe you should get back to work on that watch or smart glasses tech we’ve heard so much about.

Andrew Grush
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