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Google Maps update brings directions for multiple destinations, reservations and upcoming events

A new Google Maps update brings support for directions for multiple destinations and adds tools for monitoring reservations and finding upcoming events on a map.
October 9, 2013
Google Maps - directions for multiple destinations

Google on Wednesday announced new features for Google Maps, including support for directions for multiple destinations and new tools that will help users manage their reservations and upcoming events.

Of these three new features, directions for multiple destinations seems to be the most exciting one, allowing Google Maps users to plan more detailed routes for their trips and include multiple stops. Once set up, the various destinations can be moved around up and down the list by simply dragging and dropping the stops.

The feature supports driving, walking and biking, and will be rolled out starting today.

Google Maps - reservations

Google Maps will also show reservations for flights, hotel and restaurants, but the feature will be available only in the USA at first, and will be limited to English-speaking users.

In order to activate the reservations features, users will have to simply search for a certain event inside Google Maps, whether it’s a flight or upcoming dinner plans.

Google Maps - upcoming events

Speaking of plans, Google Maps will also offer an “upcoming events” feature for various destinations that usually host, well, events:

Search for Radio City Music Hall, the O2 Arena, or your favorite local performance venues, and click on the Upcoming Events card to see a schedule of concerts, sports matches, and other events happening near you. Or if you’re new to an area, start with “music venues.”

Are you excited about any of these new Google Maps features?