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Maps Tracks and Geolocation APIs released by Google, indoor maps just waiting to be released

Google has recently released APIs for Geolocation and Map Tracking. With these, application makers can create a plethora of new GPS and map based applications. This helps round out Google's map repertoire nicely and adds some niche features to its already popular Google Maps experience.
October 18, 2012
Google and their mapping technology is at it again. Not long ago, we brought you news that Google launched a website to show off their Google Maps API success. They aren’t done in the maps department yet. Recently, Google released two more map-based APIs for app developers to have fun with.

The first is called Map Tracking and it allows for storing and analyzing GPS data and then showing it on a map. It sounds rather vague but it’s really more in depth than that. Engadget mentions this technology could be useful for geofencing. For those who don’t know, geofencing is a when a map has a perimeter that people need to stay in. Much like pizza deliver drivers have only a specific area they deliver to.

Geolocation is the second API and it could be even more useful. With the Geolocation API, app developers can have an application determine where it is without the use of a GPS signal. It uses nearby WiFi hotspots and cell towers instead of give a position. This can be wildly useful for a number of people. Mostly those who have Android devices where the GPS service isn’t everything it could be.


What kinds of apps can developers make with these new APIs from Google?

It takes some thinking outside the box, but there are a plethora of ways these APIs can be used. For Map Tracking, it’s all specifically for geofencing. It’s a niche service but one that a lot of companies could use. Pretty much any instance where companies need to keep their people within a certain area is an instance where Maps Tracking could be used.

For Geolocation, there is a much more diverse usage. Pretty much anywhere you can’t get GPS is a good place to employ geolocation. This includes indoor facilities where GPS is hard to get. Or even outdoor locations where GPS is hard to get. It could be used alongside GPS for faster, more accurate location locks. In some cases, you could use just geolocation and turn GPS off, which could help save battery life.

The possibilities really are endless, especially when added to the other mapping services Google offers. Is anyone excited to see applications come out that use these news APIs?