Just recently, the demo of the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich witnessed the unveiling of an NFC-powered feature called Android Beam. One of the underlying parts in the event is the assumption that Google Maps had been updated to support the feature.

For years now, NFC or Near Field Communication has provided gadgets a useful feature that enabled users to transfer data more easily and quickly. Basically, it gives way to much simpler transfers and wireless communication between two NFC-enabled devices that are a few centimeters away. Numerous smartphones in the country today are already embedded with NFC chips, which are capable of sending encrypted data to a nearby reader like another phone or a cash register.

NFC Technology

During the demo, the NFC-powered feature, Android Beam, was able to impress its audience. By using a Galaxy Nexus, Android Beam has shown how it can equip a phone transfer maps, photos, contacts, links, and applications to any device enabled with NFC.  At this point, it is pretty indicative of an upgrade to Google Maps since there is proof that it can support Android Beam.

There may be some glitches during the launch, however, these will surely be fixed soon enough because the feature is just at the pre-release stage. It’s just good to know that Android Beam can be a major improvement over other data transfer methods by the time it is completely ready.

Source: AndroidCentral

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