No one does online services like Google. No one. When Apple decided to pull Google’s mapping solution out of iOS 6 and replace it with their own app, the internet exploded. Everyone was complaining, some people refused to upgrade the latest version of iOS, and Apple even had to issue an apology saying that they normally don’t release garbage.

Last week Google finally responded to all the drama by bringing Google Maps to Apple’s smartphone platform. Now before you get upset and question why Google would do such a thing, remember that Google is a company that depends on advertising to stay alive. The more people using Google’s services, the more ads Google gets to push out. The more ads people click on, the bigger Google’s bank account gets.

Back to the app, has it been well received? According to a Google+ post by Google employee Jeff Huber, Google Maps has been downloaded over 10 million times in the span of just 48 hours. When our friends at The Verge reviewed it, they said:

“Google Maps for iOS is the best-designed maps app on any platform and challenges even Google Maps on Android for speed. That sounds like hyperbole, but on the iPhone 5 the new Google Maps app seems faster and is definitely better-designed than even Google Maps on Android.”

Those are some mighty words that have us excited for what Google plans to do with their maps on Android in 2013. Just as a reminder, Google I/O is scheduled to take place in May, so maybe then we’ll see the company’s new design language? Here’s hoping.

Can Apple Maps catch up to Google Maps? Horace Deidu does the math. Apple would have to spend about at least $1 billion a year to keep up with Google. That’s not an insignificant amount of money, but then again Apple does have over $100 billion in the bank.

Time will tell.

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