Apple released a new version of their mobile operating system last week. Dubbed iOS 6, it adds several features that aren’t really all that exciting, but what’s making the internet go insane and foam at the mouth is the fact that Apple decided to rip out Google Maps and replace it with their own in-house developed mapping solution. We’re sure you’ve heard about how laughable Apple’s maps are by now. Not only are they uglier than Google’s maps, more importantly Apple’s mapping data has incorrect and missing information.

Why did Apple dump Google? A lot has been said over the past few days, but now we have a better picture of what actually went down thanks to a report from The Verge. First, Google didn’t find out that Apple was going to stop using Google Maps until just a few months ago. Second, Apple was pressuring Google to charge less for their mapping data, but at the same time Google was pressuring Apple to make Maps on iOS a better application by including some of the features that Google Maps users with Android devices have been enjoying for years now. Third, and this is the big one, if you have friends or family that own any iOS devices, tell them that they’re going to have to wait a few months until they can get a native Google Maps application on their device.

Why should Google even bother working with Apple? That question gets asked a lot. We’d like to remind you that Apple is in the business of selling physical goods, whereas Google gets practically all their money from advertising. It’s in their best interest to have more people using their services, because that means they can push more ads. Forgetting about Android versus iOS for a second, these two companies keep the lights on using very different business models.

That can’t be stressed enough.

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