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Google Maps adding new contextually aware Explore button

Google is taking Maps exploration to a new level with a new contextually aware Explore button that provides info based on your location, time of day, the weather and more.
July 24, 2014
Google Maps Nearby update

Google is taking Maps exploration to a new level with a new contextually aware Explore button to be found in Google Maps for Android and iOS.

There is no indication from Google if you should expect to see a Maps app update, or if it is already baked in, just waiting to be turned on. Either way, you’ll soon see the new Explore button in the bottom right hand of your screen, beside your My Location button, when things go live.

The new Explore feature is designed to operate if and when you are in a location that has points of interest in the area. In a way that is vaguely familiar to Foursquare and Google Now functionality. Beyond this, the feature takes into consideration multiple factors, like the time of the day and the weather. These metrics mean that Google Maps should never suggest a breakfast spot at dinner time, nor recommend a day in the park if it looks like there is bad weather on the way.

Google Maps Nearby Update Settings

The feature is not solely tied to what is nearby your current location, where ‘nearby’ can be changed to mean a five minute walk, a twenty minute drive or a few options in between. Try also navigating the map to your favorite vacation spot, or that city you need to fly to for business, to see if there are any cool events, restaurant recommendations or more in that area.

[quote qtext=”You’ll get best results when you’re signed in with location reporting and history turned on.” qperson=”Taj Campbell, Google Maps Product Manager” qsource=”” qposition=”right”]Expect to also see improvements to nearby information when you tap the My Location button, or blue dot on the map. Google says that the more you use Maps to explore, the more that you confirm the places that you visit, the better your location experience will be, specifically stating that you will get best results when you are signed in with your Google account and have location reporting and history turned on.

You are about to have easier access to relevant location based information such as restaurant reviews and transit schedules, are you excited?