Apple released a new version of iOS last week, and chances are you’ve heard that the Maps application in it is a bit … broken. For reasons that haven’t been officially stated, Apple decided to stop working with Google on Maps. Instead they built their own application that integrates fancy new features like “Flyover”, but at a huge cost. The actual mapping data, as in where streets are, where cities are, where major points of interests are, and so on and so forth, a lot of that stuff is either inaccurate or completely missing.

According to TechCrunch, Apple is looking to fix this problem as soon as possible, and they’re doing that by trying to hire people who used to work at Google on Google Maps. It’s not really a surprise to hear this, companies do this all the time. What’s surprising is that Apple released Maps in the application’s current state. Many, even the Apple faithful, are suggested that the company should have waited a year or two before pulling the trigger and giving Google the boot.

What’s Google’s response to all this? They haven’t said anything on the record, but it’s all but confirmed that they’re busy working on an iOS version of Google Maps. Hopefully it’ll be out by the end of they year, because we’re going to get annoyed helping all our friends with iPhones get from point A to point B over and over again.

Why should Google even bother releasing Maps for iOS? Because Google makes all their money from advertising. The more people that are using their services, the more people they can serve ads to, which means the more money Google can charge for their ads. And what does Google do with all that money? Hire more talent to make their products and services even better!

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