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Google Launches More Than A Map website to showcase 800,000 websites that are using Maps API and not Apple Maps

Google has decided to showcase the 800,000 websites that currently employ the Google Maps API. Given that it comes so soon after the tragedy that was Apple Maps, the site shows Google's dominance over the mapping industry.
October 4, 2012
Maps API
We would explain how and why Apple Maps was such a big failure, but thankfully the ever critical community known as the internet has done that for us. Google Maps, on the other hand, remains as stable and helpful as ever. In fact, it is so stable and helpful that 800,000 websites on the internet use Google’s Maps API to show their web visitors around. To showcase that fact, Google has released a website to tell you about it.

The website is called and its sole purpose is to tell you about what a difference the Maps API has had on the internet. Okay, it is actually there to help promote Maps API to businesses and websites. However, it does a pretty good job of bragging about how good of a job they’ve done with the Maps API so far.

The site is broken up into four different segments. First and foremost is the homepage. Behind that you’ll find things like developer testimonials about how great the Maps API is as well as a plethora of demonstrations to show how the Maps API can be useful. It isn’t just for maps either. The full compliment of Google Maps services are present, including Street View, Satellite, and data visualization.

Maps API

Is Google showcasing their Maps API because of how terrible Apple Maps is?

That certainly seems to be the case. According to some, Google took some heat from consumers for how bad Apple Maps is. The reason being that they blame Google for not working something out with the folks at Apple.

Apparently, no one remembers Apple’s open letter that apologizes for Apple Maps. Specifically, the part that says that if people want to use Google Maps, they have to use it through the web browser. That’s because Apple took Google Maps out of the App Store. People can blame Google all they want to, but all Apple has to do to get Google Maps back on iOS is to approve the app in the App Store.

That doesn’t seem very likely. However, that shouldn’t be a strike against Google, Google Maps, or the Maps API. These services are free for pretty much anyone to use. It isn’t like Google is saying no to anyone. Congratulations to Google for its 800,000 website milestone. Has anyone used any websites recently with the Maps API?