Google Maps has been for a long time more than just a functional map service, and the Android app has really provided a boost to the service’s growing popularity. Now the app has just gotten considerably better, with its latest update coming with features that make dining out easier than ever.

The Google Maps for Android app integrates, with this latest update, Zagat restaurant reviews and scores. For those of you who don’t know, Zagat is a very popular and thorough restaurant rating collection service, launched way back in 1979, and currently based on input from 250,000 people living in 70 different cities in the United States and Canada.

It’s fairly difficult to find a restaurant across the States that hasn’t been reviewed in Zagat, but the service has recently expanded to reviewing hotels, night clubs, zoos, theaters, and airlines as well. Google acquired Zagat back in September 2011 and the integration of the company’s services in Google Maps was a move that we were expecting for a while.

Zagat’s scores, summaries, and reviews are now available in Google Maps at the distance of just one tap, so the choice of the perfect pub for a night out with friends or the ideal restaurant for a romantic dinner can now be made in a matter of minutes.

The great thing about Zagat’s scores is that they allow you to pick the ideal place for different kind of outings. The scoring system is based on a 30-point scale and covers more than one aspect of what makes a restaurant or bar great. For example, you can choose a place to take your wife on your 10th anniversary based on the “decor” score, and a different place to take your parents or your buddies out, based on the “food” score.

The integration of Zagat in Google Maps is not the only news from Google. The tech giant has improved the Google+ experience with Google+ Local recommendations. Local is a “simple way to discover and share recommendations from people you trust in Google+”, according to a blog post on the Google Lat-Long. In other words, aside from using Zagat scores, you can now get personalized recommendations from people you know in Google+ and also share your opinions on restaurants and bars with your Circle connections.

More details on how to use Zagat’s reviews and scores in Google Maps for Android are available on Google’s Lat-Long Blog and over on Google Play. You can also check out the video clip below, demoing how Zagat’s services work with Google Maps. Don’t forget to drop us a comment and let us know what you think of this latest update to the world’s most popular mapping service app.