Google Maps has grown up a lot in the last several years, and Google has been aggressive with extending its service of late, adding new features along the way. Some of these changes include expanding to 3D maps and including full live traffic coverage for well over a hundred cities in the United States. Another major accomplishment for Google Maps is its new landmark coverage of more than one million public transportation stops for buses, subways, trains and trams.

This public transportation information extends to almost 500 cities across the globe, from New York to Tokyo. While other map services exist out there, it’s really hard to even compare to Google Maps. This is just another great reason to be an Android user.

The extend transportation information is just one of the new features added in today’s update of Google Maps for Android. Other changes include an improved search interface that allows you to see the borders of a region. My Places now makes it easier to access offline maps and custom maps as well.

Do you regularly make use of Google Maps and its transportation features?

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