When you need to get somewhere, knowing how to get there is your top priority. But what can you do when that new place your friends want to meet you at isn’t on the map yet? Nowadays, we can no longer rely on physical maps when a new shop and a new business crops up every day. A physical map can get outdated really quickly in this day and age. We can always Google the establishment’s address, but if you’re not familiar with the area it’s in, you’ll still get lost. Thankfully, with how easy it is to be connected, we also have access to Google Maps.

With a slogan like, “whether you need directions to your destination, the closest good place for a bite to eat, or just a sense of where you are, Google Maps for Android can help,” Google Maps 6.5 for Android definitely delivers.

What makes this version really stand out is its crisp maps that show up gorgeously on high-pixel density screens, like the Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy S2, and the Droid Razr. This means that Google also rearranged map labels and reduced their sizes so that your view of the map is a lot less cluttered.

Google Maps 6.5’s interface has also been tweaked for those running Ice Cream Sandwich on their mobile devices, which means that you’ll find a new Navigation home screen. On top of that, Google Maps 6.5 even includes preferred public transit mode, as well as routes. You’ll never need to rely on an outdated physical map.

One of the main features Google Maps 6.5 comes with is its ability to understand what you’re saying. Say you need to go somewhere and you’re not sure what route to take or even where it’s located. Simply ask Google Maps 6.5 through the Speak Destination function for where an establishment is and it’ll pull up a map to get there. Alternatively, you can use the Type Destination function–you’d get the same results.

If you’re a visual learner and you navigate best with landmarks, Google Maps 6.5 comes equipped with detailed maps complete with 3D buildings.

Once you’ve got your destination and the route to get there, your hands are probably full with the steering wheel. Worry not, because Google Maps 6.5 also comes with voice-guided turn-by-turn GPS navigation. You won’t have to worry about getting stuck in a traffic jam because you’ll be provided with live traffic information, especially handy during rush hour and those surprise snags in traffic flow.

If you don’t have a car, Google Maps 6.5 also provides public transit, biking, and walking directions. Before you pull up directions, you can specify that you prefer a route with less transfers and less walking.

Even if you don’t have a specific place to be, and you’d like to try a new restaurant or a shop you’ve never visited before, Google Maps 6.5 also comes with a local search and business reviews. Once you get there, you won’t have to wander around to find your way around the place. For select airports, hotels, and retail stores, Google Maps 6.5 provides you indoor maps.

Though, some users have complained that Google Maps 6.5 has been erroneous in determining their location, while others say that the app spontaneously crashes. Other users also complained about how large the app is and how long it takes to launch. Despite these issues, a number of other users have been pleased with the new Google Map 6.5’s performance.

If you’re dying to navigate your way around your city, or to the nearest restaurant with the best dish in town, download Google Maps 6.5 from the Google Play Store today.