Even with all of the maps and directories now a days, people still manage to get lost- indoors! No pointing fingers, but you know who you are. And to be fair, some malls, airports, and large stores (take IKEA for example) are near impossible to navigate through. This is why Google Maps for Android now enables you to figure out where you are and see where you might want to go when you’re indoors.

More specifically, on Tuesday (November 29, 2011) Google announced Maps 6.0 for Android. This new update will allow your Android device to track your location, with a little blue dot, and guide you through the insides of IKEA, Macy’s or several airports. Not only can you flip through a map on your phone like a normal directory, but Maps 6.0 will be able to tell you exactly which floor you are currently on. For a full demo of the new version of Maps, and the new indoors functionality, visit Google’s website here.

Finally, Google has gone so far as to allow it’s loyal users to input their own floor plans. That’s correct, own a store, house, or maybe even a waffle-house. Upload the Floor Plans to Floor Plans Website.

*Note: The website is still in beta, but then again, everything Google makes is a beta.

Keep reading for some informational videos and pictures straight from the official Google blog.