A certain Apple fail has inspired several YouTube parodies and became the butt of many jokes on the Internet. Adding salt to the wound, Google has been going full throttle with its Google Maps updates in the past couple of weeks.

From taking the app underwater to swim with the fishes, going indoors in France, improving the resolution of its aerial images, to giving Street View its biggest update yet – Google also took the time to boast about its maps technology by pointing out that it’s used by over 800,000 websites.

What can the latest update possibly bring to Google Maps? Try 25 million new building footprints.

Before (left) – After (right)

Building footprints are no stranger to Google Maps, but the expanded coverage means that you’ll be seeing them in greater details – especially the next time you load up maps of Houston, Los Angeles, Houston, Miami, and San Francisco Bay Area — as well as other major cities in the country.

The new footprints, which have been added to the desktop and mobile version of Google Maps, also come with height details. Easily locating landmarks in certain roads can help you get to your destination faster and more accurately.

Check out the difference between the old maps and the improved version above.