Do you like building and editing your own maps? If you do, you probably like using Google’s Map Maker. If the idea of making up maps is something that interests you, you might be happy to also know you can now share these maps through Google+.

Any maps you share will be visible to all your followers, they can even see the maps and make comments to them. Google has already created a series of steps needed for sharing your maps through the Google+ social network, but it really is pretty easy and works about the same as sharing anything else would.

For those that don’t know much about Map Maker, it basically lets you add locations and details to roads, businesses, landmarks and other spots. This could be great if you are planning on going somewhere and are trying to build a customized map of the area that includes extra details like tourism spots and the like. Allowing others to share and comment could also give you extra details to help make your maps even better.

Granted, this is not for everyone. Using Google Map Maker is a niche that probably only appeals to certain individuals, but the idea of allowing map sharing is one that could ultimately prove useful. What do you think?