Google doesn’t make any money from Android, they don’t make money from Google Apps, and they definitely don’t make money from the $349 LG Nexus 4. How do they stay alive then? Advertising. According to company’s Q3 2012 financial results, 94% of their revenues for that quarter came from advertising. Now that you know that, this next piece of news is going to seem a bit odd. You know those banner ads on the top and bottom of free apps? You know how you sometimes click them by accident? Google is now going to require that you click an ad twice before sending you off to an advertisers website. So why introduce this new “feature”?

“Implementing confirmed clicks is an important step that we think will benefit users, advertisers, publishers, and the mobile ecosystem overall, and we’ll continue to look for ways to improve mobile ads for everyone.”

Google isn’t the only guilty party here, developers often don’t even write premium ad free versions of their applications. And as for consumers, maybe that’s why they love jumbo phones like the Samsung Galaxy Note II? The bigger the screen, the smaller the ad.

We all hate ads, but most of you hate paying for things even more, so we’re going to be stuck with blinking banners at the bottom of our favorite applications for the foreseeable future. It’s actually kind of sad when you think about it, how long have banner ads been around? Since the late 1990s.

It’s ridiculous that we still haven’t found a better way to make money.