Online privacy at its best (Photo credit: Shutterstock)

Privacy is a big deal, especially concerning social networks and other online services. Recall how Facebook is often under fire because of iffy privacy policies. Google is also an especially favorite target by privacy groups because of how search and mobile technology has been so pervasive in our lives. Remember the location-tracking issue that both iOS and Andriod have been criticized for? How about the controversial Google Street View issue in which Google admitted to collecting private information from unsecured networks?

Google wants to be a better corporate citizen, and is looking to hire experts in the privacy field, evident in a recent job hunt. In particular, the search giant is looking for software engineers who “will help ensure that our products are designed to the highest standards and are operated in a manner that protects the privacy of our users.” These potential employees should also “independently identify, research, and help resolve potential privacy risks across all of our products, services, and business processes in place today.”

The so-called “red team” will basically be tasked to look for any loopholes and potential risks that Google might be criticized — or worse, sued — for. The job posting does not include compensation inforamtion, but BGR posits that no matter how big these salaries will be, these are likely to be less expensive than having to pay fines, settlements and legal fees should privacy-related litigation ensue.