A few weeks ago, rumblings of a new, flatter Google logo were making their rounds. The logo refresh had a very sparse feel, with a revamped color palette and less shading across the letters. The font was slightly tweaked as well, giving it a very — dare I say — iOS7 feel.

While a rumor at the time, it’s now a reality. Via their blog, Google has announced the refined logo, as well as a change to the navigation bar. Gone is the black bar running along the top of your browser window; you will now be able to find all your favorite Google items via a menu, towards the right of the screen.

The new menu has been available to some Chrome OS users for a few weeks, with your Google+ posting and Gmail displayed outside of the menu, along with (curiously) image search. The menu houses all the other things that would be in the black bar menu, and mimics the Chrome OS app drawer icon.

In a further step toward encouraging more social interaction via Google+, there is a “share” tab, which will allow for a quick post to your Google+ account. Like sharing from within Google’s social layer, you can share pictures, videos, or add an event. Mr. Jingles, the Google+ notification icon, is also there to let you know who is trying to reach you.

The changes are set to roll out to users over the coming weeks, and are a nice compliment to the design changed Google has made with many of their mobile apps.