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Forget pins, globetrotters can track their travels with this location history visualizer

Turn your Google location history into an interactive heat map with this location history visualizer web application.
October 6, 2014
Location Heatmap

If you’ve ever wondered how much of the world you’ve seen, or are just curious as to how much Google knows about your daily travel routine, then you should check out this location history visualizer, courtesy of Reddit user namanamaboo.

The website application takes your Google location history and uses it to produce a funky looking interactive heatmap, like the one seen above, depending on where you’ve been, and how many time you’ve visited a particular place.

If you fancy trying it out for yourself, head on over to Google Takeout, which contains a copy of all the data Google collects about you, and download your Location History data. Extract the .zip file and then upload the LocationHistory.json file to the Visualizer website. Uploading and processing can take quite a while, some users are reporting several hours, depending on the size of your file and the power of your local machine, as all of the processing is done locally.

Speaking of which, anyone concerned about privacy need not worry. All of the processing and map visualization happens directly on your computer, so your location history is not actually uploaded to the website.

Hopefully, this will end up in a slightly easier to use Android app one day. How far have you travelled?