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New spec details surface regarding the rumored Google and LG-made smartwatch

Thanks to a new tweet from @evleaks, we now have learned a few spec details regarding the rumored LG-made Google smartwatch. Read on for more details!
March 13, 2014

Last month a rumor surfaced claiming that LG and Google were teaming up to release a smartwatch, with plans to debut the device at Google I/O in June. Up until now, we’ve known very little about the watch other than we can speculate it will utilize the upcoming Android wearable SDK and that it will feature Google Now functionality. Thanks to a new tweet from @evleaks, we’re finally getting a better look at what the watch will offer underneath the hood.

In the tweet, we learn that the watch will have a 1.65-inch IPS LCD with a 280×280 resolution. Other specs include 512MB RAM and 4GB storage. No word on the processor just yet. To give you a better idea of how the watch’s hardware might stand against the competition, let’s briefly take a look at what the Samsung Gear 2 brings to the table.

Samsung’s latest smartwatch features a 1.63-inch Super AMOLED display with a 320×320 resolution, a 1GHz dual core GPU, a 2MP camera, 512MB RAM and 4GB storage. At least based on the limited specs we know about the Nexus smartwatch, it looks like the device’s specs are fairly similar, with the Gear 2 having the advantage of a slightly higher-resolution display.

More Google (LG) smartwatch specs: 1.65" IPS LCD @ 280×280, 512MB RAM, 4GB internal storage, processor TBD.
— @evleaks (@evleaks) March 13, 2014

Of course, hardware means a lot less with smartwatches than it does with smartphones and tablets. Instead, it comes down to software optimization and features, device capability, and the level of apps that work with the platform. For example, the OG Galaxy Gear was a beast compared to devices like Pebble, but its weak app library and limited device support led to a relatively mild reception.

What do you think Google and LG need to do differently if their smartwatch is going to make a bigger impact than currently existing wearables from Samsung, Sony, Pebble and countless other brands? Do you like the idea of a Google smartwatch or not?