image_26Google’s software engineer team have been hard at work of late, and another post from the Google mobile blog reveals the latest addition to the Google Maps application on your Android phone. Say hello to Latitude, a social networking tool that enables you to see where your friends and family are through Google maps.  Even better news: it is part of the RC33 firmware update for the T-Mobile G1.

Once you sign up for Latitude, you can see the ‘approximate location’ of those who have decided to share their location with you. You can upload a new profile picture on the go and keep in touch by updating your status message, via Gmail or just simple SMS if that’s your thing. Google have taken a leaf out of Facebook’s grand design and built in some very fine grained privacy settings that allow you to control what kind of information is available to each person you are connected with.

Consider what can happen when developers start producing mash ups of Latitude for Facebook and the like; this tool appears to have boundless potential!

[Via: Google Mobile Blog]