The scarcity of the latest flagship Nexus smartphone has given way to some bizarre reports from popping up, most of which have since been debunked. While we may never get the full account of the story behind the Nexus 4 shortages, it looks like Google is done pointing its fingers.

During Google’s quarterly earnings call, the company’s CEO Larry Page acknowledged that there’s a huge backlog of the Nexus 4. He said that there is “work to be done managing our supply better” and that solving the phone shortage problem will be “priority for the teams”.

Combined this with LG’s assurance that it’ll be pumping out more N4 handsets starting in February, we can but hope that customers will be able to buy and get the phone soon without the shipment delay drama — among other annoyances — that’s been plaguing its release.

For all its logistical flaws, the Nexus 4 is still the Android phone to get for many. Are you still looking to grab one as soon as possible? Or have you been turned off by the supply fiasco and are now eyeing on something else instead?