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Google kills Google Apps for Teams, Google Listen, and Google Video for Business

August 6, 2012

Google has a penchant for adding so many products and services to its lineup, but at the same time the company doesn’t seem to have any qualm about dismissing the less than successful ones. Well, we’re here to announce the passing – or soon to be – of three Google services that you probably never heard of before. Following the phasing out of 5 products last month, the time has come for Google Apps for Teams, Google Listen and Google Video for Business to pack their bags and head to the sunset.

Google Apps for Teams first saw the light of day in 2008, but the collaboration tool has failed to take off. Google director of engineering Max Ibel said that: “Google App as for Teams was not as useful for people as we originally anticipated,” which explains why it will be culled from the roster starting from September 4, 2012. Any existing accounts there will be converted to personal Google Accounts.

The next is Google Listen, which was released in August 2009. Intended to provide an easier way for people to discover and listen to podcasts, the introduction of Google Play has made Google Listen redundant. The company said you can still use the app, but it will no longer support search function after November 1. Your podcast subscriptions can now be found in Google Reader, under “Listen Subscriptions”.

As for Google Video for Business, all videos hosted on the video hosting and sharing solution will be migrated to Google Drive starting in October or November. Don’t worry about space, as they will not be counted against your Google Drive storage quota.

Do you use any of the three services above? Will you miss them? S