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For those on the fence about Google Keep, today’s announcement may help.

Keep is being updated to allow for reminders to be set, as well as location tags to be attached to notes. Users will be able to set the time and date of the reminder, and snooze or reset it if needed. From the joint Android/Drive Blog announcement:

[quote qtext=”You can add time-based reminders for a specific date and time, or a more general time of day, like tomorrow morning. Adding a location reminder is incredibly easy too—as soon as you start typing Google Keep suggests places nearby.” qperson=”” qsource=”” qposition=”center”]

In what could be the most useful function the update brings, your location tag will now alert you to your note when you arrive or are near the destination. If you have a shopping list, and set the location for your neighborhood grocery store, you will be alerted via Google Now.

The app has also been updated with a new interface, bringing the familiar three-dot slide-out menu from the left. In that menu, you will have the option to view all upcoming reminders, should you need to change or cancel anything. Users with multiple accounts can now switch between them with ease, making your work/home balance a bit easier. Adding photos has also been made a bit easier, giving users the option to take a new photo or add one from their gallery when tapping the camera icon.

While this is a welcome update, one glaring problem still exists: Keep is a Drive product that isn’t integrated into my Drive account.

Google Keep Update

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