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Google is investing a lot of its efforts and resources into helping jump start the VR revolution. They went nuts at Google IO, where they announced a new Google Cardboard, Google Expeditions and Jump VR, an all around set of tools for creating VR content.

It’s especially exciting to see Jump VR developing, as it is a full-fledged solution for creating VR videos. The project includes a camera for capturing and a platform for distributing VR content at its fullest capacity. It’s likely the simplest way to make high-quality VR content, but those camera rigs look far from cheap. They do hold 16 GoPro cameras, after all.

Google IO 2015 jump

Google knows they need to give you a bit of an incentive, so they are looking for content creators interested in testing these camera rigs before they go mainstream. All you have to do is tell Google a bit about yourself and what you do. “Select creators” will be offered these Jump cameras this summer, which is coming up very soon.

The main problem with adopting new technologies is that there is often no good content around. Think back to the early 4K days, when there was barely any Ultra HD video to take advantage of those amazingly sharp TVs. It was simply not worth it to get a 4K television. Likewise, without good content to consume, a VR headset would be a bad investment.

Gear VR S6 (4 of 6)

This is why it’s truly exciting to see Google actually investing in giving content creators the equipment necessary to get started. It shows their commitment to virtual reality, which is expected to be the next big thing in mobile tech. Are any of you thinking of signing up?