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Google, ISIS and U.S. carriers join Mobile Payments Committee

August 9, 2012

Mobile payments are going to become more and more popular in the foreseeable future, and we’ll probably rely more and more on smart mobile devices to pay for various things and services when out and about.

But we’re not quite there yet, as neither Google’s mobile payment system, Google Wallet, nor ISIS, the Verizon-AT&T-T-Mobile venture, are widely available on existing devices. In fact, the latter is still in development, as the three carriers are yet to offer ISIS features to their subscribers. N.ot to mention that there are plenty of other parties that are becoming increasingly more interested in mobile payment systems

But now we hear that Google, ISIS and U.S. carriers, right alongside other important names in the payment business including ISIS, PayPal, Verifone and Intuit, have joined the Mobile Payments Committee:

Chaired by Jackie Moran, Verizon’s executive director of federal relations, the committee will serve as a way to develop policy and business strategy for the mobile payments industry. Among the issues the committee is tackling, it will help participants figure out the complex business relationships necessary to make mobile payment options interoperable; help legislators and regulators understand how to develop mobile payments public policy; and educate consumers and merchants about the benefits of mobile payments.
“There are a lot of different pathways to enable consumers to use mobile payments,” ETA CEO Jason Oxman told VentureBeat in an interview this morning. “The idea behind the committee is to get all the players around the table, ask everyone to take off their company hats and put on their industry hats, and talk about what issues need to be resolved.”

It will certainly be interesting to see what the rise of this new Committee will mean for mobile payments in general, and in particular for mobile payments devised for Android.