google i/o live

Google I/O is only a few weeks away! Hard to believe we’re so close to the big event, really. After months of anticipation, and a few curious attendees wondering recently when we’d see an itinerary, the time is here.

Today, Google released the sessions schedule for I/O. The sessions are a series of breakout meetings designed to get specific answers to concentrated questions or topics. Remmeber tha tthis is a developers conference, so these sessions are geared toward smart Googlers helping equally bright developers do their thing.

No real details about the sessions are given, though a few interesting topics will be discussed. For instance, we see on day 2 there is an Android breakout session on “Google Cloud Messaging”. Could that have to do with the famed Babel messaging app?

Another interesting topic is day 1 with Chrome & Apps, where we find “JAM with Chrome: How we built a massive multiplayer game using only web technology”. It sounds as though the Chrome team is set to answer some questions about online gaming, something that has long dogged Chrome OS. We find the next day brings the same kind of topic from the Cloud Platform team in “Intense Gaming”.

When we look to Google+, we see that nearly their whole schedule is about Google+ sign-in integration, so we know their focus. YouTube and Maps have some pretty run-of-the-mill talks, though the “Dive into underwater street view” looks interesting.

If you’re interested to see the entire schedule, check it out at the Google I/O page. We’ll be sure to keep a close eye on the developments that show up in the coming weeks, so be sure to check in for I/O info!