Google IO
Credit: jolieodell/Flickr

Update: It seems somebody at Google has been confused today – the registration page is now live again, visit it here.

Google has put up a registration page for Google I/O today, but then took it down without any explanation. Still, some users managed to grab screenshots, so we now know when registration for the event will open.

Google I/O is the Android event of the year, an occasion for developers, enthusiasts, and journalists to get close to the technology they are likely to geek out over the next year.

For many, like my colleague Nate Swanner, attending Google I/O is nothing short of a dream come true. Sure, it doesn’t hurt that Google is known to hand over generous swag packs to attendants. It’s no wonder therefore that tickets for Google I/O tend to sell out in hours.

According to screenshots posted by 9to5 Google, the registration for Google I/O 2013 will start on March 13, at 7AM PDT. It’s not clear why Google took down the page, but if you’re dying to register for the event, at least you know when to prepare your wallet.