Google-IO-2013 Keynote 9

The opening keynote of Google I/O was full of news and updates from the Google team. The recording of the full livestream is now available for you to watch.

From the great additions to the toolkit of Android developers to the groundbreaking Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Edition and the awesome new Maps and Google Plus apps, yesterday’s Google I/O keynote offered a little something for everybody.

No, there weren’t any genuine “wow” moments, even though, in our book, the fact that the CEO of the most important technology company in the world is willing to take open questions from the audience is pretty amazing. We haven’t got any skydiving stunts and not even an appearance of the hyped Glass, except on the brows of some of the attendants. By the way, Larry Page told Robert Scoble that he didn’t appreciate his infamous shower picture. Priceless.

While some may find the absence of new devices disappointing, we thoroughly enjoyed the keynote. If you haven’t seen it yet, or if you just want to watch again some of the best moments, you can do so below. Enjoy.

What were your favorite moments from the Google I/O keynote?

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