google i/o 2013

Google I/O is primarily a developer conference, but in recent years, it turned into a broader event that covers all aspects of creating products for Google’s platform.

This year, Google wants to attract more creatives from all fields of design, including industrial and user interface design. Matias Duarte recently said he’d love to see more designers at I/O, and now Google is starting a “conversation about design” that the company hopes will persuade more design professionals to attend the conference.

To kick off the conversation, Google released the first three of a series of videos featuring some of its design experts, starting with Isabelle Olsson, who designed Glass, Sian Townsend from the Maps team, and Jon Wiley, who leads design for Search. Check them out below.

Google I/O 2014 will include “sessions and workshops focused on design, geared for designers and developers who are interested in design”, according to a blog post on Google Developers by Design Evangelist Nadya Direkova. Here’s her pitch:

Today, there’s design in everything we touch. And as a developer, even if you don’t happen to be a formal designer, you’ve undoubtedly faced design challenges as you’ve built your own products. Design has always been a rich conversation, and it’s one that we’d like to have with you as you work on your projects and as we work on ours.

If you have questions related to design that you would like to address to Google’s designers and researches, head over here to participate in the conversation.

If you’re interested in attending Google I/O this year, the registration is open until 2PM PDT on April 18. The ticket costs $900, but Google will hold a lottery to determine who will actually get to participate. Head over here to throw your name in the hat.

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