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The search giant never runs of out fun ways to hide Easter eggs in its products. With this year’s Google I/O conference taking place in May and the registration opening in less than a week, the event’s official website has been updated and packed with plenty of teasers.

You can check out the official Google I/O 2013 website here. What seems to be a simple blue-and-red logo is actually interactive. Clicking on either I or O displays a binary code at the bottom of the page. Generate a correct combination of up to 8 digits and the code turns green. Shortly afterwards, you’ll be forwarded to a new page. If you hit the wrong sequences, the code otherwise turns red and you’ll have to try again.

You may want to just go directly to the pages with unique interactions (such as and save yourself the trouble of finding the right binary numbers, but doing so will only redirect you back to the vanilla or main page.

Anyway, here are a couple of codes to get you started:

  • Pong game: 10000001
  • Bacon and Eggs: 10010000
  • Space: 00101010

Be sure to share more codes in the comments below!