Not to long ago we told you about the Holo theme that Google was going to make manufacturers use if they wanted to have access to the Android Market on their devices, well now Android has taken that a step further. Today Martias Duarte stopped by The Verge and spoke with them about this new Android Design Guide which will allow developers and manufacturers to build on top of Ice Cream Sandwich’s beauty.

According to Vlad from The Verge:

The initial version of the guide includes information like typography, color palettes, and other stylistic advice, as well as a breakdown of the components making up the Android UI. Matias stresses that what we’re seeing today is a purely optional aid for Android designers, not something that Google will seek to enforce.

To me this looks like a step in the right direction in not only streamlining Android updates for all phones, but making the user experience similar on all Android phones. If you’ve read a lot of my articles then you know that I am not a big fan of HTC Sense, Touchwiz or Motoblur (haven’t used the other skins), and that I really like full AOSP ROM’s or a nice Cyanogenmod ROM for my phone.