Patrick Collister

Google has hired Patrick Collister as their head of design. He fills the void left by Irene Au, who resigned nearly a year ago.

In a blog post last year, Irene Au had the familiar tone of an entrepreneurial spirit that is so prevalent in Mountain View. She simply wanted to start something new, and reflects fondly on her work with Google. Proud of her work with the user experience teams she created, Irene Au left Google on top.

Collister is charged with the same tasks Irene was, in creating and fostering a great user experience. Specifically, his focus is to engage advertising agencies and companies to utilize Google’s services, such as Google+ and YouTube. When asked about his new job focus, Collister said “Loosely, we want to encourage major brands to spend more money online.”

Leading up to his role with Google, Collister will be wrapping up his business, Creative Matters, which focusses on consultation and training services. Collister is also the former Executive Director and Vice Chairman of Ogilvy & Mather, as well as a creative Director for Havas EHS. Bringing a lot of experience, relationships, and knowledge to a very important role within Google, we’re excited to see what Patrick will do next.