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Google has launched a new version of Zagat for Android

Google has brought some long awaited changes for Zagat. To begin with, they have rolled out a new (and free) app for Android devices. In addition, Google has also made it a bit easier to write Zagat restaurant reviews on Google+
October 12, 2012

Google has come forward with some rather nice changes for Zagat. And for those Zagat users that have been sitting back waiting for this day to come, we can almost hear that sigh of relief. Simply put, Zagat appears to be getting stronger. These latest changes deal with the Android app, which is now free, as well as the way you will write reviews on the web.

Let’s begin with the news surrounding the Android app. Google has relaunched the app, which has landed in Google Play as version 1.0. Yes, Zagat is now available for free. Which brings us to the first point, what happens to those who previously purchased the Zagat app (the one released by Handmark). According to details given, those who purchased that app may still be eligible for a free printed Zagat Guide. The one catch, this needs to be claimed before December 31, 2012. Otherwise, the old app is being discontinued and will stop working soon, on October 15, 2012.

As for the features of the new app, Zagat for Android v1.0 has been designed with smartphones as well as 7-inch and 10-inch tablets in mind. Zagat has details on over 30,000 restaurants in what Google notes as being “the world’s top dining destinations.” We suspect the users will be the true judge of just how good they really are though. Otherwise, the app will allow you to do things such as find a restaurant, read reviews and even reserve a table. Another item worth mentioning, Zagat for Android now requires you to be a Google+ member.

And speaking of Google+, there are some changes to how you write Zagat restaurant reviews on the web. The process appears to have been simplified a bit: it is done on Google+ Local now and lets you simply choose ratings such as “poor – fair,” “good,” “very good,” or “excellent.” Then Google will convert those ratings into numbers and factor them into the business’ precise 30-point score. And remember, that score will then show up in Google+, Search and Maps.