As expected, Vic Gundotra took to the stage today for a special Google+ event. Alongside several other Google+ related announcements, Google unveiled that it is bringing a few new features to Hangouts for Android, including SMS integration! This is without a doubt the most exciting change coming to Hangouts, but the update doesn’t end there.

Hangouts will now allow you to share your location with your friends using a location button tap, will bring the ability to share animated GIFs through messages, and is even adding video call enhancements.

What kind of enhancements? Not only will Hangouts now offer full-screen video chats on all devices, Hangouts will also automatically enhance webcam lighting and will bring a few other special video effects as well. Finally, Google also revealed that Hangouts video and sound will now be set to HD by default.

According to Google, you can expect all of these changes to start rollout sometime today. We’ll be sure to keep you updated if and when we learn more!

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