Google Hangouts

A YouTube promotional video posted by Google suggests that a new UI for their “Hangouts” might be in the works. The current UI has a top bar with icons, and lower left bar. As we know it, Hangouts also shows the Google+ logo embedded into the video. The YouTube video clearly showsa different UI. The version shown off briefly in the video has a simplified left bar with icons. Even the embedded Google+ logo has been moved out of the video feed and is now directly above it.

The new UI looks easier to use and has less clutter. The bigger icons also could have a massive advantage when it comes to navigating with a touchscreen device. The new interface could also mean that Google is working to unify the desktop and mobile versions of Google Hangouts. When TechCrunch asked Google about the new UI showing up in the video, Google did manage to respond.

We’re constantly experimenting with new UIs and making tweaks to make the user experience better. We haven’t announced any changes to the current Hangouts UI, but I will let you know as soon as we officially launch anything.

In a nutshell, a change could be coming, or this could simply be a test interface that won’t make it into a final version. Considering Google took the time to show it off in a video post, it is likely that this is the future look of Hangouts. What do you think of the new UI?