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Google Hangouts currently down, a few other services potentially having issues as well

Running into problems with Google Hangouts? You're not the only one. In addition, some folks are reporting problems with Google Drive and other services as well.
March 17, 2014
hangouts drops xmpp support

Running into problems with Google Hangouts, Google Drive, Google Voice or any other Google service for that matter? You’re not the only one. There are several reports surfacing that suggest at least a few Google services are currently not working as they should. While I personally find Google Drive is working properly, it does seem a little less responsive than usual. As for Hangouts, it’s completely out for me (in the midwest U.S.).

Google has yet to post up anything to its status board regarding some of the reported Google Drive issues, but it does note a service disruption for Google Hangouts. In other words, Google is aware of potential issues and is working hard to resolve everything — so hang tight. Update: Google sheets now added to the disruption list.

So how about it — having trouble with Google Hangouts? What about Drive, or any other services for that matter?