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Google starts selling Galaxy Nexus docking stations on Google Play

May 31, 2012

So you got your Galaxy Nexus from Google Play Store recently and couldn’t help notice that the GSM phone is looking rather bare and lonely. How about some accessories to spruce things up a bit? If it’s accessories you want, it’s accessories you get. Google is now selling a few official accessories for the Galaxy Nexus on its digital storefront.

There are no phone cases and the likes there, at least for now, but you’ll be right at home if you’re in the market for some docking solutions for the Galaxy Nexus. Road warriors will be keen to get the vehicle dock that’s being offered on Google Play for $54. As for multimedia freaks, there’s a HDMI desktop dock that goes for $49 that lets you stream movies from your phone to TV. Lastly, there’s a landscape dock to make use of that pogo pin on the back of the Galaxy Nexus. This one will set you back $54.

It goes without saying that these accessories are only compatible with the GSM model of Galaxy Nexus that Google is currently pimping on its own store. This means Verizon and Sprint subscribers will have to get their Galaxy Nexus accessories from other places. Meanwhile, the rest of the world is still waiting for Google to open its store to wider audience. We can dream, right?

Will you be snatching these fine accessories? Is there any particular thing you’d like to see being offered on Google Play?