Google Glass may be the future, but the platform will only be as good as the apps that are available to it. With that in mind, Google has announced it is now accepting third-party app submissions for Google Glass. To kick things off, Google has even added new Glassware from Mashable, Fancy, SportsYapper, Thuuz and KitchMe – which are all now available through the MyGlass app.

So what does a third-party developer need to do to get their Glassware approved? Basically the developer will need to complete the Glassware review process, which consists of internal testing that ensures certain standards are met. To assist with the process, Google has included documentation and a special checklist which they say will help expedite approval for third-party Glassware.

All in all, today’s announcement is good news for all Glass fans including developers, explorers and would-be Glass owners. This is an important step forward and will hopefully lead to the development of tons of great new apps for the Glass.

What do you think of Google Glass, is it the future or a fad?

Andrew Grush

Andrew Grush has been with Team AA for 5 years now. He’s passionate about tech, writing, gaming, and doing his best to help grow the AA team.