We’ve seen Sergey Brin wear a prototype of it on the street. We’ve watched numerous parodies of it on YouTube and how the technology was ridiculed by the likes of Jon Stewart (he’s old, so he probably doesn’t get it).  We’ve also seen people who just can’t wait until the real thing comes out so they made their own version, which may as well represent the view of a good chunk of our readers.

Yes, Google Glasses is the buzz word on everyone’s lips. Come on, it’s practically a PC (of Android flavor) on your glasses, which lets you double nod instead of double click. How can it not be a cool thing?

Rhetorical question aside, the whole thing just doesn’t feel complete without an – wait for it – Infographic of Google Glass and all of its potential applications and uses. We say all, but there are only nine things listed here. The Terminator vision is a cool one, but predicting the end of tablet and smartphones  — well, that’s a rather bold prediction. We’ll say no more and let you read the Infographic, which was produced by the good folks at Seetio.

What are some potential uses that you can think of? Are you as excited as we are?